Tuesday, February 25, 2014


After thinking about this for quite a while, and scribbling things down for even longer, I finally decided to come back and blog about my horsemanship journey again. It seemed like a good time, what with spring just getting started and everything feeling new and wonderful.
I have blogged before about my horse, but felt it was time for a fresh start, with new dreams and goals. I also blog regularly on my writing blog that I am still trying to get off the ground in preparation for publishing my first book this year.  Link HERE.

I have quite a few other hobbies other than my horses and I am also in college, so those things will probably make a show of themselves at times here, but the focus is still my journey of learning better horsemanship and being the best partner I can be for my horses, and eventually my dream of competing, breeding and training professionally.

Lady Hwin is my personal horse, but I also care for and train a pony called Tempest, and help various friends with their horses. I will be putting up a page for Lady so that you can get to know her better.