2016 A.D.

Goals for the 2016 Year

Goals for Lady Hwin

  • Return to and stay at a proper weight/health status
  • Less lameness than in 2015
  • Move her down to Lubbock to live under my care
Personal Horse Goals
  • Take up a partial lease on a horse
  • Show for the first time
  • Make the above showing experience a good time all around
  • Learn to jump/Take lessons
Various Other Life Goals
  • Complete two full semesters at TTU without going into debt
  • Get back to being a straight A student
  • Be more fit
  • Find a different job that I can fall in love with/start a piano side business
  • Continue saving money on a monthly basis
  • Read again
  • Finish my three writing WIPs
  • Volunteer at the animal shelter
  • Take a vacation during the summer

Rides Taken in 2016 (and links to the writeups of those rides)

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