Saturday, January 30, 2016

Being Rich

Two weeks ago at work, everyone was going on and on about the Powerball and what they would do if they won. Since I don't buy tickets, the entire idea was a no-go for me, but it did get me thinking. What would I do if I ever became rich?  Obviously, owning horses and being a college student make this highly unlikely, but let's just go with the what-if. It is fun. And then of course the first thing I would do is be sad because buying world peace isn't exactly possible. Really wish it was though. Oh well.

I would definitely go to graduate school. I might go anyways, but at least this way I wouldn't have to worry about how to pay for it. It might seem silly to some people that I would want to spend my money on attending school, but I enjoy learning and going to class and working hard to get my straight A's. Go figure.

My fancy university

But we would all end up putting some of that money into horses, right?  Except that I would want to buy up the biggest piece of land that I could find and turn it into the most elaborate farm. I am a huge believer in putting horses on pasture tracks to keep them moving, so that would be put in first, as well as wide-open barns and play areas for the horses and arenas and so on. 

Who wouldn't like this?

I really really want to rescue my next horse, in some form or fashion, but if I had the money to spend, I would rescue at least 20-30 horses, especially the ones that are in their mid to late teens and promise them the rest of their lives in relaxation and comfort. Doing that would make me so happy.

<happy field of horses - taken at the TTUEC>

Okay, this one definitely is selfish, but I want to buy a Warmblood colt one day and be a part of his growing up into a superhorse. He would probably be imported, or at least very well bred. I don't even have show plans for him because I would want to see him come through his training and then have him tell me at the age of 5 or 6 which discipline he would enjoy. 

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Bullet Point Day

Sometime last year, a blog hop went around in which people outlined their day to give everyone else an idea of what their life was like. I don't remember what was going on at that time in my life, but I never participated. Now I think I will. Here is a day of mine in bullet points.
6:30am - Alarm goes off and I write a page in my journal.
6:50 - Waste ten minutes on Facebook and email.
7:00 - Find school clothes, put makeup on, etc.
7:10 - Pack for the day since I don't always know when I'm coming home next.
7:30 - Make a lunch and a few snacks to pack.
7:40 - Eat my own breakfast and cuddle Giovanni (he will be an angry cat if I don't).
7:50 - Pack the car and leave by 8.
8:10 - Get to the barn and pull Missy out of the stall. Groom and tack up.
8:30 - Mount up and ride.
9:00 - Jump off and panic about the time. Quickly cool Missy down and untack her.
9:15 - Decide its too late to get to class on time, so throw Missy out in the paddock and put everything away nicely before leaving the barn.
9:45 - Get to school (15 minutes late to class) and change out of barn clothes.
10:00 - Go to the library to use the computers and get some business done.
11:30 - Go looking for a dictionary in the very corner of the 4th floor of the library.
12:00 - Eat lunch in the Student Union Building.
12:20 - Get to class early and read while waiting.
12:30 - Class time. Sing, dictate/notate music, learn about various notes.
1:20 - Scramble out of class and into a practice room to warmup my fingers.
2:00 - Run down two flights of stairs to the basement for my piano lesson.
2:30 - Decide I absolutely love my new piano teacher!
3:00 - Go straight from lesson to practice rooms to try out the new techniques.
3:30 - Get home from school as fast as possible to try and get my propane tanks filled before the shop closes. (Because hot water and cooking).
4:30 - Panic about not having eaten anything all afternoon and being late to ANOTHER class.
5:00 - Decide its okay to be late to this class and make sure the propane tanks are properly filled and connected to the RV before heading back to campus.
5:20 - Get to class late, but sit beside a super awesome girl who shows me her notes from the first 15 minutes of class.
5:30 - Work on analyzing and judging stock horses for the rest of class (yes, I take this class!).
7:40 - Get out of class, quite pleased with my effort and head back to the music department for more practice time.
7:50 - Discover there is a concert going on and decide it sounds more fun than practicing.
8:00 - Attend a fantastic violin grad student's recital!  Love it!
9:30 - Congratulate the violinist and then head to a practice room.
10:15 - Finish practicing after nearly falling asleep on the keys for the third time. Head home.
10:30 - Get home, drink a glass of water and fall into bed.

NOTE: This is one of my busy days! Not every day is like this. But a lot of them are....

Thursday, January 28, 2016

On My Own

Almost two weeks ago, I had two of my best friends come out to visit me. They arrived on Friday and left on Monday. Now, since I moved into my RV in mid-November, I have not had company. It has just been me and Giovanni in the house, and I've quite liked it. I am extremely happy to live on my own, but it didn't bother me to have two extra people in the house for a few days. I was even really sad that Monday night when I got back from work and a meowing kitty was the only one at home.

I am 21 years old and have never been in a serious relationship with anyone. I don't go out on random dates, I don't pine after someone to love me, etc. I have my days, even a week sometimes, where I feel lonely and wish that there was someone else in my life, and I've actually tried to pursue a relationship during those times before. But then the moment passes, I get a good night's sleep, and I'm completely content again to have my own place and my own life, exactly how I make it. 

I've been asked how I manage living alone before, and how I don't go crazy. I will say that having pets is a huge help. I love my animals and I don't think I could enjoy living alone without some sort of pet at home - my big orange feline right now. I love the freedom of not needing to check with anyone if I want to go out. I don't have to cook unless I want to eat (okay, sometimes I cook for the cat). There aren't a lot of things that I don't like about it, except for those days when I'm sick but don't have any choice but to take care of myself.

So, when I planned out this post, I was supposed to write a paragraph here about what I would enjoy about living with someone. Ummm, no real ideas though! Sometimes it would be nice to have a conversation in the evenings, but those thoughts usually come up when I'm feeling lonely - as mentioned earlier. But I also have friends that I do that with on a regular basis, so maybe that isn't a strong enough point.

I'm a strong believer in being content in the life you are given. If I eventually meet someone who adds even more awesome to what I already have, then I have no qualms about relinquishing my single/alone status. Until then, if it ever happens, I'm happy with what I've got.

Also, nobody ever complains when I want to spend a ton of time at the barn, or that I have an interest in horses at all.

Although...  I wish my cat would let me have a dog. I want a dog. And a cat. Both are reasonable, right?

Rant over.