Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Planning to Ride

Do you plan your rides out in advance?

This is something that I've thought about quite a bit in the last few days, especially since I signed my name on that lease agreement. I want to plan ahead so that I can actually improve between lessons.

I decided yesterday that I would make a list of the things that I want to work on as well as the things that we have been doing in lessons so that I could choose a few things to work on every time I go out to ride.

Here is that list...
  • Breathing.
  • Picking up the correct canter lead every time. My aids need improvement.
  • Two point. (From lessons.)
  • Getting the correct diagonal in the trot. Its frustrating me that I still can't get it right.
  • Improving transitions. Again, my aids need work.
  • Heels down, especially in the two point and rising trot.
  • Hands up. (From lessons.)
  • Head and chest up. (From lessons.)
  • Rhythm and pacing. (From lessons.)
  • Improving my straightness in the saddle.
  • Dressage tests, just for fun and to test my memory.
I'll update every so often to see how this list has changed and what we've been working on.

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