Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bad at Titles

Its nearing two years since I started this blog and I was thinking about how I came up with my title a few days ago.

When you first get to know me I'm a very quiet and reserved person. You get to know me further and you'll find out that I'm majority scatterbrained. I always have some new project or goal that I need to work on and I rarely finish what I start  (but I'm fiercely proud of what I do finish). I remember the strangest things and forget important details.

If you get past that part of knowing me then you'll see that I like to dream exceptionally big. I don't mind if I don't reach those dreams but I need to have them as part of who I am.
Because deep down inside I'm a child-like soul who sees everything in romanticized, whimsical, fairy like way. I need to have room to experiment, try new things.  I need room to grow, to fly. Flying Free was a phrase that made me happy and created a sense of home.
You'll notice that my actual web address is jumpthestars. Another phrase that I formulated that I liked and felt described me.
Both phrases could be used in reference to my love for jumping, which directly ties it into thr horse side of things.
And there you have it. A random look into why I chose this blog's name.

Side note: I have a lot of these random posts planned.

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