Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Forgetting Barn Stuff

These past few months, since I moved into the city and away from my beautiful horses, I've been lessoning (is that a word?) at two different barns and riding various horses. And it has been a very good experience, as well as a steep learning curve.

But please tell me that I'm not the only one who forgets to bring stuff with me??

It's never been an issue before, because my horses lived in my backyard, all my tack was in its place, and if I forgot something of my own, I just had to run into the house to grab it.

Now I've managed to forget my boots, a proper jacket, gloves, etc.  Since I'm borrowing helmets from the barn, I haven't forgotten that yet, but since I'll be getting my own quite soon, I'm sure it will happen.

So tell me, do you all have a backpack or bag that you take with you to the barn? Do you leave all that stuff in your car/at the barn?  How do you manage?  Also, what do you bring with you?

Once I'm officially leasing, I suppose I'll start leaving my gloves, helmet, and stuff like half chaps at the barn, or at least in my trunk, but right now, when I'm only going in to ride someone else's horse? Different story.  It's driving me crazy.

In other bright and happy news, I will be meeting up with Missy's owner today or tomorrow to discuss a lease arrangement! And then I can start riding outside of lessons again, which will be fantastic!  As much as I enjoy lessons and getting the workout that Lindsey gives me every time, I miss the fun of planning out a schooling ride, making my own decisions about what we're going to do and when we're going to do it.  And I also really crave the chance to actually improve between lessons instead of just continuing on from where we left off.

I found this fantastic picture on FB today that my awesome-photographer-uncle took a few years back.

I miss this girl so much!

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