Monday, January 11, 2016

Musically Inclined

Sometimes I wonder why I don't talk about music more. After all, I'm a piano major in college, I can play three and a half instruments, and I listen to music more often than not when I possibly can.

Definitely a big part of my life.

I don't know.  Maybe it was some odd experiences in years past that just closed me off from talking about musical things, but its not something about myself that I divulge into without being asked.
Anyways, today I thought I would that I would give you all a peek into a few of my favorite songs.

1.  Brave, performed by Josh Groban

I've always enjoyed Josh Groban's music, and I found this song of his several months ago when I was first diving headfirst into this whole moving ordeal. It got me through quite a few days when I needed some extra encouragement that no person could give me.

2.  As Long As You're Mine, from the musical Wicked

I am not explaining this one.  It speaks to me, and I love it so much.

3.  If The World Should End, performed by Jennifer Damiano

I cry every time I hear this. And I have no idea why.  And that's why I love it. And listen to it all the time.

4.  Stars and the Moon, performed by Jessica Molaskey

This is one of the songs that doesn't necessarily inspire you right off the bat. Instead, you feel guilty about it or something like that. But it makes me want to do better with my life, to give it a better purpose.  Worth a listen. I do quite regularly.

5.  Wild Child, by Enya

This expresses my thought processes and my life. That is all.

What irony that this posting lined up with the passing of David Bowie. RIP to a much loved artistic genius.

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