Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Twenty Things

For whatever reason, this post seems to be in the vein of new year, fresh start posts. Or something along that line.
Anyways, today I'm going to do my ultimate best to lay out twenty things about me that have not been revealed on this blog before. Honestly, I'm not 100% sure I can make it through since I've talked about all sorts of things on this little corner of the blogosphere in the almost two years it has been live. So here goes!

1)  Way deep down inside, I really really want my equestrian discipline to be eventing. Mostly just because it terrifies me and that is enough to make me want it. Yes, I'm young and crazy.

2)  I actually have pretty decent hands while riding. I know how to keep them still and soft and quiet. (Is this bragging?) Holding them too low is about my only real fault here.

3)  I love Disney movies. Every. Single. One.

4)  I'm actually very intimidated by the bigger horses as well as the hotter types. 

5)  I am not capable of giving away/throwing away/removing from my possession any book, dvd, or other form of media. I collect them and no matter what, simply cannot get rid of them.

6)  I can sew. Not knit, crochet, or anything fancy, but I can sew my own clothes. Or wedding dresses, when required. *clears throat meaningfully*  Side hobby, I guess you could say.

7)  When I was younger, I wanted to have a equine breeding and training farm. It is possible that I still want this. I'm just a bit more reasonable with my dreams now.

8)  Even though I write on an almost daily basis and have done so for over ten years now, I am still very self-conscious about my writing. I get nervous whenever someone new discovers that I blog.

9)  I really really want to have a wedding, but I don't actually want to get married. I just love weddings!

10)  If you present me with a chestnut mare, there is a 0% chance I will turn her down, no matter what. My first horse was a chestnut mare and I'm still very much in love with the combination.

Not chestnut, definitely mare. :)
11)  I discovered 1.5 years ago, that I actually really love dying my hair. Since then I've been three different shades of red, blue (which faded to green), and brunette. I'm a natural blonde. 

12)  I don't voice it very often, but I'm a big advocate for bitless riding. Yes, I ride with a bit, but I wholeheartedly approve of every option.

13)  In spite of #12, I love bits and would like to collect every variety in existence, even if I never use them.  Is that weird?  I just have an obsession with bits, whether they are on or off a horse.

14)  I am majorly scatterbrained. In just about every aspect of life.

15)  Every since I moved out on my own, I have eaten nearly exclusively organic food. Obsession of mine, if you must know.

16)  I work in food service and can actually be a really good server. The work just makes it difficult to support a horse habit, sadly.

17)  My wonderful mare, Lady, made me realize not too long ago that it is possible to have fun with horses without having a long term goal. It only took her 6ish years to teach me that.

18)  Unlike a lot of equestrians, I do not indulge in expensive riding clothes or boots because in my mind, that is still something for me, not for my horse. The horse doesn't care what I wear. That doesn't mean I don't want the nice things though!

19)  I've started three different horses under saddle, and restarted two(?).

20)  Ever since visiting the Spanish Riding School, I've fantasized about working super hard at my riding skills and then applying. I mean, wouldn't it be awesome? 

Ouch. I'm not even going to re-read everything I've written here. I'm just going to publish it and hope it isn't as awful as it seems.
Tomorrow, I'll do a lesson recap.

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