Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

     Technically, I'm a few days late on this post, but after working late on New Year's Eve and being super stressed out from driving in the snow and ice that is all over the place right now, I decided to postpone it until after the weekend.
     2015 was a fantastic year, it really was. I did a lot of things that I never thought I would actually do in my life, and came out the other side a totally different person. At least I think so. You may want to check with some of the people that knew me the whole time though.
     I'm a little terrified and also really excited about 2016. There are the big scary things like starting university, making ends meet all on my own while attending school, etc.  There are the exciting things, like going back to school, having so many more equestrian opportunities at my fingertips, and being more independent.
     I've put up most of my 2016 goals on their own page, so you can go read them there if you want to.  I don't feel the desire to write up a whole post about them right now, but maybe later on in the month I will expand on a few of them in their own posts. Maybe.
     When it came to making monthly goals this time around, I ended up with more of what seemed like a checklist than goals to achieve.  And that was okay with me, for whatever reason.  I think this year, I'm going to focus more on writing about what I achieved, instead of what I want to achieve.            Although both sides are important, of course.
     But, here are a few items from my January list:
- Pounce on the first week and a half of school and own it!
- Take at least three riding lessons.
- Start volunteering at the animal shelter.
- Do a sketch of one of my story characters and actually show it off.
- Finish two books that I have already started reading.

     There are several others, a few financial related, or just next steps to projects that are already started, but you get the idea.
     I also have ideas for blog posts for at least the next month, but they don't all involve horses since they aren't exactly something I do every day now, but I'll try to tie things into horse matters somehow as often as I can.
     One of these days I'll get caught up on everyone else's blogs and start commenting here and there again. Until then, I'll try to write as often as I can get to a computer with internet access.

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