Thursday, January 14, 2016

Five Years

Five years ago, I was 16 and was blissfully ignorant of all the adult things that I would have to be dealing with in the not so distant future.  Since then, I've learned to become a much better rider, my focus in life has changed a little, I attended college, and on and on and on.

In five more years, I will be 26 and although that doesn't sound old to me, it does sound like an age where I should at least have my life together and be heading somewhere with it. Of course, it probably won't be like that at all. It never is, right?!

But where would I like to be in 5 years? Where would YOU like to be in 5 years?

I want to have earned my Bachelor's degree and hopefully be using that training in a job. It's a possibility that I might be back in school to get my Master's, provided that university doesn't burn me out completely on the first round!

I would love to have travelled some more. To Europe again, to several places in the States, definitely to Great Britain.

I don't know what direction my life will go in the horse world, but I have a tentative goal to buy a young sport horse after I get this college degree. I doubt I would be showing him in 5 years time, but we would be getting close to it.

My goal for Lady's health is still another 10 years together at least, so she would still be here. With me. Always with me. Forever horse, that one is.

This all sounds dreamy, but in reality, are all these "plans" that far out of reach? If I'm careful and keep a future goal in mind, anything can happen, right?

Maybe we'll never know.

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