Friday, January 29, 2016

Bullet Point Day

Sometime last year, a blog hop went around in which people outlined their day to give everyone else an idea of what their life was like. I don't remember what was going on at that time in my life, but I never participated. Now I think I will. Here is a day of mine in bullet points.
6:30am - Alarm goes off and I write a page in my journal.
6:50 - Waste ten minutes on Facebook and email.
7:00 - Find school clothes, put makeup on, etc.
7:10 - Pack for the day since I don't always know when I'm coming home next.
7:30 - Make a lunch and a few snacks to pack.
7:40 - Eat my own breakfast and cuddle Giovanni (he will be an angry cat if I don't).
7:50 - Pack the car and leave by 8.
8:10 - Get to the barn and pull Missy out of the stall. Groom and tack up.
8:30 - Mount up and ride.
9:00 - Jump off and panic about the time. Quickly cool Missy down and untack her.
9:15 - Decide its too late to get to class on time, so throw Missy out in the paddock and put everything away nicely before leaving the barn.
9:45 - Get to school (15 minutes late to class) and change out of barn clothes.
10:00 - Go to the library to use the computers and get some business done.
11:30 - Go looking for a dictionary in the very corner of the 4th floor of the library.
12:00 - Eat lunch in the Student Union Building.
12:20 - Get to class early and read while waiting.
12:30 - Class time. Sing, dictate/notate music, learn about various notes.
1:20 - Scramble out of class and into a practice room to warmup my fingers.
2:00 - Run down two flights of stairs to the basement for my piano lesson.
2:30 - Decide I absolutely love my new piano teacher!
3:00 - Go straight from lesson to practice rooms to try out the new techniques.
3:30 - Get home from school as fast as possible to try and get my propane tanks filled before the shop closes. (Because hot water and cooking).
4:30 - Panic about not having eaten anything all afternoon and being late to ANOTHER class.
5:00 - Decide its okay to be late to this class and make sure the propane tanks are properly filled and connected to the RV before heading back to campus.
5:20 - Get to class late, but sit beside a super awesome girl who shows me her notes from the first 15 minutes of class.
5:30 - Work on analyzing and judging stock horses for the rest of class (yes, I take this class!).
7:40 - Get out of class, quite pleased with my effort and head back to the music department for more practice time.
7:50 - Discover there is a concert going on and decide it sounds more fun than practicing.
8:00 - Attend a fantastic violin grad student's recital!  Love it!
9:30 - Congratulate the violinist and then head to a practice room.
10:15 - Finish practicing after nearly falling asleep on the keys for the third time. Head home.
10:30 - Get home, drink a glass of water and fall into bed.

NOTE: This is one of my busy days! Not every day is like this. But a lot of them are....

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