Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Past Year in Review

I'm a day or two early but whatever.

Originally, I didn't even want to write this post. I mean... I already know that I did horrendously awful with completing the goals that I set for 2015. Really, really bad.

1.  Go to Europe for six weeks in February/March and have a safe, enjoyable trip. Come back with lots of great memories and experiences and ride at least one horse during that time.

2.  Move to Lubbock, settle Lady and myself in, and enroll in classes for January.
3.  Ride 120 times.
4.  Ride 5 different horses while I scout out a barn for Lady.
5.  Take 10 riding lessons.
6.  Get my energy back and stick to a proper, healing diet.
7.  Enjoy a balanced and organized lifestyle.
8.  Continue writing on both of my blogs, as regularly as possible.
9.  Improve my riding ability.
10.  Bring Lady back up to health and a proper work schedule.
11.  Work on the trailer issue and go to an event.
Bonus: Write a second novel.

Not too great at all, I think I'll say.  But I wanted to put this on the blog for future reference.

Now, on to 2016!

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