Monday, December 28, 2015


I'm back in East Texas with family for Christmas, which means I've been experiencing the intensity of the rain while back at my place everything is snowed under.
Yeah. Prayers and good thoughts to everyone who has been affected by this nasty weather. I head home on Wednesday if everything clears up and lines up properly. Because work on New Year's Eve.

Despite the rain, I've had the chance to spend a bit of time with my girls while I'm up here. After the horses I've been riding in Lubbock, Lady felt like a tiny pony. Made me giggle.  But I love her so much, and I have the best friend in the whole world watching out for her right now and making sure she stays at the proper weight and health.

I'm feeling a bit caught up right now between what I want Lady's future to be. She is so happy to get ridden every so often and just wander around having some fun, where she doesn't really have to work. But I really want to follow what I'm pursuing right now and do some showing next year, which would not be very possible with her. Do I keep her in her semi-retired lifestyle, or do I try to bring her up to fitness and health levels where I could possibly do a few dressage shows with her? Somehow I just see her being so happy with her life right now that I don't want to change anything.

Missy, from our ride on Tuesday.
The Tuesday before Christmas, I got to go out to the Tech Center and meet with the trainer/equestrian team leader to see if she thought Missy and I would go well together. It was a good ride and I really enjoyed getting the feel of L, the trainer at this barn. Missy was a sweetheart. Seriously, I'm holding my breath for when she decides to have a bad day. Such perfect manners and training. Her owner has done a very good job with her.
When I get back from vacation, I'll take an actual lesson on Missy with L. I would also like to see her go over a few fences, but her owner and I are 75% agreed on a partial lease for right now while I settle into school. I don't know that I would want to hold onto the lease for the long term but right now I think Missy is exactly what I need to really improve my own riding skills and gain some valuable confidence and experience.
2016 is almost here!  Whether we are ready or not.

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