Thursday, May 21, 2015

Well, Okay Then...

So on my editorial calendar today was a note instructing me to write a blog post about Lady and our adventures since the endurance ride.

I hate to type this out... but there have been no adventures since the endurance ride.

Yes, I know. Bad, lazy horse mom, poor Lady, etc, etc.
Well, I've been reading Lauren's posts lately... and I totally empathize with you, Lauren! I live about six/seven hours north of her, and the rain has just been AWFUL. It has been raining almost every single night, I've had to watch the road very carefully on my way to work in case the water is running over it. And when you consider that I live 4 miles from work, that can get a little irritating.
The horses currently live in what would best be described as a swamp.

I suppose I could brave the mud and do some riding at the walk. I could still do groundwork with Comanche. I could do a lot of things, considering that its usually somewhat sunny during the day.
But I hate the mud.

And I've been feeling pretty burned out lately. One of the things I didn't touch on in my posts about the endurance ride was that Lady and I were SO ready to go to our respective "rooms" and just do nothing by the time we got home.  I suppose you could say that we were a little tired of each other.
You see, Lady lives 24/7 on pasture with other horses. I check on her every day, but she never gets worked every day, and never for more than an hour or so at a time.  So for her, being constantly on a lead rope for almost 48 hours straight was super frustrating. She enjoyed the ride, she was very well behaved, but she wanted her freedom to graze at will, she wanted to wander, and she wanted to be alone.  She expresses that behavior in the pasture as well - many times bullying Tempest off for a few minutes by herself.
On my part, I treasure my alone time, and my patience limit isn't necessarily the best. I worked very hard over the weekend to make sure that Lady got as many of her "needs" fulfilled as possible, and I never ever lost my temper with her (slightly frustrated, yes, but nothing showed).  That meant that I was pretty worn out by the time we got home on Sunday.
Since then, I've been tired. I feel kind of like I want a short break from everything because having three horses at home means I never actually get a break.
So anyway... that's my lame attempt at explaining why I've been so absent from blogging lately.

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  1. it makes total sense that you'd want a little break after that kind of ride (esp if the weather has been so crummy!). i wouldn't beat yourself up about it - rather enjoy the time off so that you can come back with renewed energy :)