Thursday, September 10, 2015

Seasons Changing

I meant to post this on Tuesday, but being out of town, just didn't happen.  That also means no new media.  Sorry :(

I got a text from my trimmer this morning telling me to pull Lady off the grass ASAP. We've gotten rain over the weekend, and the new fall weather means that the grass is making changes. Which means that Lady's laminitic issues are definitely going to be flaring up.

So... back to the dry lot, hay, and more limited space.

Frustratingly though, Lady is still a bit underweight, so she's going to need to continue getting some extra feed besides hay. Buuuuttt... I can't just pack more fat into her diet because that causes her laminitis to flare up if I'm not careful.
Horses. Ugh.

The solution for right now... more alfalfa pellets (concentrated roughage), a small amount of rice bran, and just increased feed all around.

Problem... she hasn't put on weight even under that regimen for several weeks.

Why do I own horses?  I ask myself that a lot some days.

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