Friday, October 16, 2015


Hello blog!
I've been awful about writing lately, in any capacity, which should be obvious by my last few ramblings-of-incoherent-thoughts-strung-together-into-a-post... things.
Also, warning in advance, I'm not about to do much better in the near future...

We snuggle and nap together.

For one, MOVING. This is happening - the first week in November, I'm taking my car and a few things, and then two weeks later, my "house" follows me with the rest of my things, and then a few weeks after that (if finances are still in order), the Queen (Lady) herself moves across the state. Life changes, y'all.
Also, TIME. Re-read the last paragraph and make a guess as to my current amount of free time. When I do get to sit down for a while, watching Doctor Who sounds a thousand times better than writing. Sorry (not sorry).
And FOCUS. Regrettably, my poor ponies are currently having hay, grain, and water thrown at them and I kiss their cute noses every morning, but little else. I'll pop on Lady every so often and have a bit of fun, but that's it. Therefore, next to no new pony-related content. Sad. :(

Proof that I do ride sometimes. Also proof that my horse has crazy hair.

But I miss writing on this blog and keeping up with other people and all the other fun stuff that goes along with it. So maybe I can expand from the horse stuff and include some random stories about moving into a travel trailer, preparing for school, and any other crazy pursuit I find myself distracted by on the way.
After all, 75% of my reasons for this blog's existence are to be my own personal record.
So, here's me wishing I could say I'm back to writing regularly, but its not a promise, its a hope!


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