Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Plans for November

So I procrastinated about writing anything on this blog and then it just didn't happen and somehow I didn't even care.  And now suddenly its November. Hey there new month! Didn't see you coming.

Have a picture of my horse before she started looking like a case for neglect.

Yeah, I haven't ridden in at least two weeks. Probably more than that. I leave for West Texas next week and then I won't have a horse to ride for almost a month. And to top it all off, the mare refuses to gain weight, has absolutely no topline to even think about, and is going to need a serious case of rehabbing before I get back to where we were even back this May.  Yeah, this year has been a serious roller coaster.

So anyways!  Plans for November - let's be positive, shall we? :)  Keeping it simple this month.

Yes, I'm doing this on top of everything else that life is throwing at me. At first I wasn't going to because of the added pressure, but then I found a story idea that not only won't stop nagging at me, but is also going to be a good way to get my frustration and craziness out. Sounds insane, doesn't it?  Believe me, you have no idea.

Move to the desert.
Yep, moving time is here. Preferably, I would like to have the mare here by the end of November, but that's still up in the air. So for now we're going to stick with the plan of moving me, my trailer, and me finding a job.

Stay positive.
None of this post is sounding very positive, so I must not be doing too great so far. Chin up, Kit.  Keep going and think of the good things.  And keep breathing. ;)

Another picture of my horse once upon a time when she was cute.
I thought about making this something about forcing myself to go out and meet new people in a new city and making new friends, etc. And then I realized that I have some of the most amazing friends already, and I need to learn to treasure those relationships. So, I'm going to meet some new people, yes, and I'm also going to continue loving the people I already have, even if it is long distance.
That just got weird and complicated, really fast.

Lady's Health.
I want some weight on her before she gets moved across state. She needs a dental appointment, but I don't know if she'll get that before moving or after. She is going to get a hoof trim before moving, that is a definite. Right now she's not having any urgent or immediate problems, so I'm okay with maintaining her/adding a bit more weight. Back to rehab in December.

And ta-da!  There you are. I'll try to catch up on everyone else's blogs soon, and comment some. ;)

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