Friday, June 10, 2016

Three Months...

It's been three months, to the day, since my last post here. Sadly, the biggest reason for the absence has been my absence from the horse world in general. <sad face + tears>

I gave up my lease on Missy at the end of April after having ridden approximately four times in March and April combined. School got the better of me, I was having trouble with my priorities, and work was quite busy, which never helps at all, does it?

Anyways, as of right now, I'm slowly moving towards getting Lady out here to live with me. I'm 85% certain that I will be trying out for Texas Tech's equestrian team in the fall. I still take almost weekly lessons with the coach of said team on a cute bay gelding named Fuego and we've jumped several times in the past month (we won't talk about how terrified I was the first time we went over an 18 inch crossrail. It was bad.).

My writing focus is over at L'Art Classique, where I talk about mystical dreams, college life, and various other aspects of being a unique and strange person. You can join me there. I try to keep my equine obsession away from that platform, so hopefully I can slowly get back to regularly scheduled  posting over here.

I'm still religiously reading all the other blogs in the equine blogosphere, and I should probably start commenting again too instead of stalking.

Love, Kit.

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  1. <3 Sometimes real life gets in the way -- it happens to all of us. Glad you're still doing well, if a bit removed from horsey things <3