Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Road Trip & Horse Racing

I spent the weekend trekking across Texas with my brother for a Thanksgiving dinner with extended family this past weekend. I look at these trips with a whole different perspective nowadays since this area (West Texas) is where I will be moving Lady and myself to next summer so that I can go to university.
But I digress... it was a fun weekend, and the best horse-related part of all? I made a trip to see horse racing live!

Friday we left after lunch and made it to an aunt's house at 10:30pm. Long day of driving, so not much to be interested in there.
Saturday I was reminded by my awesome friend from Beyond the Stretch that I just happened to be staying 30 minutes from Zia Park. Therefore, after spending some time baking with my grandma and having lunch with a dear cousin, I headed out to see horse racing for the first time!

Ensue photo dump (made up of not-too-great quality pictures)....
Paddock area.

Devilish Beast, horse number 6 in race 7, by Diabolical

Winner of race 7, number 4, Later Dude,  by Golden Ransom

Proud Ruben, number 1 in race 7, by Proud Irish

Perfect Style, winner of the 8th race,  by Majesticperfection.

Stealyndeewin, number 2, winner of race 9, by Roll Hennessy Roll

Stealyndeewin, from above, in another picture.

Post parade for race 10, horse numbers 2 and 3.

Post Parade for race number 10, horses numbers 4 and 5.

 All the races were claiming and allowance and the last two were Quarter Horse races, which was exciting too. I actually decided to bet on the last race and my horse came in second, which was awesome! :)  For those interested in horses and racing, I bet on A Full Dynasty, but sadly didn't get a picture of him.  :(

We had a lot of fun with family yet on Sunday and got home Monday evening. I also finally got to stop and snap a picture of the statue in front of the super famous 6666 Ranch. One day I'll stop and get a tour!

How was your weekend? What do you have planned for the Thanksgiving holidays?

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