Friday, November 28, 2014

Forget the Budget

I went shopping with my family this morning. And convinced them to go to the local tack shop.  Ooops.

Lady finally got a blanket. Not sure if I'll have to exchange it for a smaller size or not, but it definitely looks good on her! I love the hunter green and black.  :)

And I got a new saddle pad. I know that white is going to be a huge pain to keep clean and so on, but it looks so fancy, and has the hunter green trim.

I totally splurged today, but I'm kind of glad for it this once. I might be making a few more sale purchases today online, but I guess we'll see.....


  1. nice snags! sometimes ya just gotta treat yourself :)

  2. Great deals!! I still love white saddle pads-even if I know they are a pain sometimes.