Monday, December 1, 2014

November Review/December Goals

2014 is nearly over, oh my!  I've been crazy busy lately and December is going to be no exception.  Between Christmas, finals, shows, and everything else... well, let's just say I'll be a tad busy.  :)

I ended up  not really focusing on goals in November and just worked on getting things done as they came along.  :)

November Equestrian Goals:

  • Keep up with horse chores.  Yup! And the ponies even got a new fence!
  • Purchase an anatomical girth for Lady.
  • Film USDF Intro Test A.

November Personal Goals:
  • Plank Challenge.  This is one of the things that got lost in the busyness....
  • Follow schedules and various plans.  Lots better. I did fairly good!
  • Slide into winter successfully.

December Personal Goals:
  • Stay sane throughout finals week and the rest of the Christmas show.
  • Get accepted into university!
  • Complete 2014 goals as well as possible.
  • Have an awesome Christmas holiday (I get a week and a half off).
  • Smile and relax :)

December Equestrian Goals:
  • Complete 2014 goals as best as possible.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes with the horses every day, even if its not doing anything in particular, just hanging out.
  • During Christmas break, take a whole day to go trail riding.
  • Get Tempest through basic groundwork skills again.
  • Really work on my lower leg and get it more stable.

I might have some awesome and exciting horse-related news to share in a few days!  And I have some even more exciting non-horse-related news to share tomorrow!

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  1. nice job on november goals! and very curious about your news :)