Saturday, December 27, 2014

Continued Improvements

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Late post that I realized never got published last week!

I have a cute pony. 

There was time to ride on Wednesday morning and I had my friend R from Beyond the Stretch over so it was fun to have someone else in the arena with me.

Lady warmed up nicely, although she was a bit jumpy and spooky. Every once in a while something is going on in one of the neighboring cattle pastures that gets both the horses riled up. But it only took a little bit of work to get her moving nicely. That was nice. :)

We had a few nice canter spots, and some very very nice trot work. Once I actually had R in the arena with me there was a little bit of difficulty. Lady very much likes to hang around people that are on the ground and gets pretty strong about going to them as fast as possible. So we had a discussion about that...

I then let R ride. She normally rides Western and enjoyed the difference. ;)  She wrote her thoughts about it as well, and I personally thought she did quite well with Lady. Besides my sister, nobody else has ridden Lady in over several years, so it was interesting for me to see someone else really work with her. I tend to interfere when my sister rides, so its not the same. I was actually impressed with how good my horse looks!  Like a decent, well-behaved horse!  How nice...

Do you let other people ride your horse and why? 


  1. I won't let just anybody, but I do love to watch others take mine for a spin. :) It's fun to see what they look like from the ground.

    1. Yeah - I'm really picky too. I've had a few kids up that I've lead around, but that's a bit different than actually riding the horse.

  2. my mare is really drawn to people standing in the arena too - like she thinks maybe they will rescue her from me?? lol... also, i just watched someone else ride my mare recently too - and it was kinda neat!

    1. Haha... I don't really know what the attraction is! :)