Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Review Part I

I realize that I wasn't blogging at the beginning of 2014, but it felt strange to just skip the first 2 months of the year.

We had lots of trouble with Lady's arthritis, which started to clear up finally by the end of the month. I bought my first car. Really focused on my writing projects.

I went to San Antonio with my college for All-State choir - fun trip!  Bought my first English saddle. Also started this blog and wrote my first post! Lady started feeling better more consistently and with having a new saddle, I started working with her a bit more.

With Lady we worked on lunging and moving long and low. She started getting better with moving away from home. Lots of groundwork while I started figuring out the puzzle of English riding. I actually wrote 19 blog posts here!

This was a crazy month. It was the last leg of the school semester and I decided to participate in Camp NanoWrimo. I had a theatre production that I was working with musically, an awesome Disney concert to prepare for,  and I also put a little more effort into my taekwondo hobby by going to my first tournament! Plus I went to my second Il Divo concert. :)  I had problems working with Lady consistently, but we continued to slowwwly improve. I was still trying to figure out how to understand things like flexion and contact and bending, so lots of experimentation happened.

Beginning of this month was when Lady went suddenly lame/sore. We had some laminitic issues again, It took the first half of the month to get her mostly sound again and back into work. I realized how much improvement we had made recently and appreciated it. Got back onto the fitness train.

I did a conformation comparison and appreciated again how much progress we had made. A friend of mine brought her horse over for a few days and I got a chance to work Lady around another horse (always a challenge). Started more work on the canter.

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  1. I love these reviews! I like that you included the first two months. :D