Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Ride

It was chilly today, but sunny, so I went out and hopped on for a short bareback ride. We hacked around the area and explored a few different spots.
Lady was very sweet for the most part. She was a bit strong, especially if we trotted, but she wasn't naughty or crazy, so I was quite pleased.  :)


  1. looks like a nice time - it's sunny here too so hopefully we'll have similar luck in our ride this afternoon :)

  2. Sounds wonderful!! I love Christmas day rides! What happened to her ear? Poor girl!

    1. It was quite nice!! :) Actually.... its a picture issue.... I take terrible cell phone pictures and it made a nasty mark on her ear. Nothing is wrong with her at all ;)

    2. Oh wow! It looks like she has a huge wound on it lol. I'm glad she's fine! :)