Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Closer Look + Random Thoughts

So I finally got some pictures today to try and compare Lady's physical improvements. Of course, I wanted some conformation shots anyways, just haven't gotten around to it lately.

Today - June 4th, 2014
Fairly old picture, don't have a date for it.

My pictures today actually have some weird shadows on them, but the most noticeable difference for me is her neck. The shape of it has changed a lot, and I definitely like it a lot better now :)  Her back also is more defined and she has more muscle mass in the right places. Of course, in these two pictures, she was close the same weight. She gained a lot in between but has lost most of it again. :)

Other thoughts....

So far, I've worked with Lady already 3x this week, which is pretty good.

Monday was a dressage day. We worked on transitions, and even got our first calm canter depart ever!

Tuesday we did fitness, with trot and canter sets. Summer is not the best time for this, but it was okay regardless. I need to focus a bit more on recovery times or something because even 10 minutes of walk afterwards leaves her breathing hard.

Wednesday was supposed to be dressage again, but the Lady was feeling a bit down, so I hopped on for a bareback ride and we hacked out. Probably the best ride away from home that we've had in a long time. Almost no arguments and she was interested in all sorts of different things, not just home.

Since Lady hasn't quite been herself the last few days (heat + pain + mystery) I'm not sure yet what we'll do tomorrow. My schedule says groundwork and jumping and we might do that if she warms up well, but I'm also more than willing to give her the day off and bathe her like I've been meaning to.  :)


  1. Definitely a huge improvement in muscles. She looks good! I hope you figure out what is bothering her.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Don't flatter her too much though, she's quite vain ;)