Monday, June 30, 2014

June/Spring/Year Goal Review

June Personal Goals

  • Give Rebellion (my novel) to at least 2 people.  Yes. Four, I believe.
  • Piano - Rememorize/Polish 3 pieces.  Mostly done. The Beethoven piece was more difficult.
  • Write and post 4 writer's blog posts.  2 done, 2 outlined.
  • Enter a writing contest.  I consider this done because I found a good one to enter, but haven't done it yet.
  • Read 3 books.  
  • Diet.  Mostly. Slacked off pretty bad this last week though.

June Equine Goals
  • Trim Lady's feet twice.  No. I tried but couldn't get very far because of the lack of rain. Hard hooves.  
  • Cover Level 2 Liberty and Level 3 OnLine.  Yup. Needs some work, but went over it all.
  • Film 1 session.  Yes!!
  • Get off the property every session.  Almost every time. Went pretty well. :)
  • Learn USDF Intro Test A.  Only ridden it 1 time, but I have it memorized.
  • Go into the canter every ride.
  • Progress to 5 minutes trotting at a time.
Spring Equine Goals

  • Start working in Parelli Levels 3/4 OnLine
  • Improve fitness so I can master the rising trot  Not mastered yet, but lots improved.
  • Start riding in the canter  Not scared of it anymore!
  • Jump a course of 1 ft jumps  Not a course, but jumped, yes :)
  • Ride a 3.6 mile local ride confidently.  Nope, but made some progress towards it.

2014 Equine Goals
  • Maintain Lady at a healthy weight.  So far, so good.
  • Keep horse health records.  So far, not so good.
  • Get a new saddle.
  • Film regularly.  Not regularly, but got some stuff.
  • Attend/Audit 1-2 clinics.  Money issues...
  • Go to see some horse shows.  Again, money issues.
  • Learn USDF Intro Tests A, B, and C.  Got test A going this month.  :)

2014 Personal Goals
  • Maintain a blog post schedule.  Definitely doing better!
  • Read more books.  Kept up quite well!
  • Publish my novel.  Being edited now, so on the road to this too.
  • Get published in a magazine.  Uhh... ooops.
  • Win Camp NanoWrimo.  Won in April. Plan to win in July again.
  • Complete Hanon piano exercise book.  Slow... and boring, but I'm attempting to persevere.
  • Create a decent pianist's repertoire.  Got about six/seven songs right now. Good start.
  • Be ready for my college music audition.  Been planning this lately. Think I've chosen my music.
  • Play the violin again. Ooops.
  • Graduate from Paris Junior College.  Have my classes scheduled for this to happen!
  • Get my purple belt in taekwondo.  Testing for my green belt this week, so this is easily happening.
  • Get along better with my big sister.  Yes, mostly. I feel that overall we're understanding each other better.