Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals

Here I go again... setting lots of goals for the month!

Stolen from Pinterest. :)

Horse-Related Goals
  • Set up a health records system and get a good set of conformation pictures.
  • Film 1 session.
  • Keep Lady happy and sound with proper management, supplements and exercises.
  • Work on getting and keeping a calm trot.
Also stolen from Pinterest. Oops ;)

Riding Goals
  • Work on my 2-point position (at walk, maybe trot).
  • Practice trotting diagonals, recognizing and riding them correctly.

Personal Life Goals
  • Blogs: outline 4 posts for writers blog, update 3x a week on here
  • Sketch cover ideas for Rebellion (my novel)
  • Schedule a lesson with my piano teacher
  • Win July Camp NanoWrimo
  • Make an A in geology (this class won't be over until mid-August though)
  • Taekwondo: World Expo: Remain positive the entire time, regardless of what happens
  • Admit my mistakes calmly and without getting upset with anyone else

I'm really looking forward to July and hope to enjoy it a lot!  What are your plans?

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  1. I really need to get this month planned out. Try to anyway. You have some goals that sound really fun :)