Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SSS Bloghop: Favorite Breed

Discovered a new blog hop this week!

"What is your favorite breed of horse, and why?"

My favorite breed of horse is the Arabian. Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, and any Spanish horses come really close, but I will always choose the Arabian.
I might be a little biased because I own one, yes.... but I've always been impressed by their beauty and history and just everything about them.

Their movement is so fancy. It isn't big or anything like a sporthorse or a Warmblood, but it has this thing about it that is so... haughty? confident? independent, definitely.

Their profiles have always inspired me. Something about their dished faces and arched necks appeals to me. I love their high-set tails and their silky coat and the way they are built - shorter backs and even though they look fragile, they are so sturdy and hardy.

A lot of the time they get a bad rap for being "hot" or flighty or high-strung or aloof. And they can be, sure, but they are also the most careful horses that I have ever been around. I can put kids on Lady and take them for rides at almost any time (except when she is in heat, but that is a subject for another post!).

They are also some of the most bonding horses I have ever met. They remind me of introvert people in a way - they seem distant and shy and sometimes snobbish but if they bond with you they are exceedingly loyal.
Arabs do have that distant aura about them and sometimes that means they are harder to get to focus or work. I can understand how that frustrates some people and gives them a bad reputation, but I could not love that part of them more. They almost belong to a different reality, a magical one like the ones I write about in my novels! Maybe I click with them because I find similarities between myself and them. Either way, they remain my favorite breed of horse. I have no clue what my next horse will be, but I like to imagine another Arabian filling that spot. :-)

My own beautiful Arabian.  
Totally unrelated to this blog-hop, but just wanted to "advertise" a horsemanship challenge that I plan to participate in over the next 2-3 months.
Link HERE.
The description says that between August 1st and October 24th, you should try to log 40 horsemanship hours, ride 30 times, and attend 1 event with your horse.
I think it is going to be plenty doable and lots of fun! :-)


  1. My first pony was an Arabian. He certainly was a fiery creature but I loved him to death :)

  2. Love Arabs! But I have a thing for hot (or hot"ish") horses, so... :)

  3. I really like how typey arabs are... there's really no mistaking one!