Wednesday, July 16, 2014

20 Things Wish List

Today is my birthday and I am turning 20.  *gasp*
Just for fun, I decided to surf through several horse equipment store sites and find 20 things that I would just love to have. Not that I'm expecting any of them though, but it was so much fun to skim and just dream. I think its just a horse owner's thing. Maybe.
Anyways, here you go! :)

Tall Boots. I've never had tall boots and would about die to have a pair!

Full Seat Breeches. Not everyone likes these, but I love the extra grip. And yes, I want ALL the colors.  :-)

New Helmet! Without trying anything on and based just on looks, this would be my pick.

Fly Sheet w/Neck. Poor Lady has been reacting worse and worse to bugs and I would love to wrap her up in something to keep the welts down.

Winter Turnout. Again, Lady has been having more difficult winters lately and I really want one by the time this winter rolls around.

Back on Track. I would actually take any of their products since I've heard such good things about them.

Fly Bonnet.  So cute, and my little Lady gets midges in her ears, not fun while riding!

Gloves. Especially for winter, but I ought to get used to them in summer too. I love the feel of wearing gloves and patting your horse. :D

New girth. I really think a more anatomical girth would help Lady because she rubs so easy and is sensitive to the pressure.

Bits. This one is actually on the priority list of things to buy as I do not currently own a bit that Lady likes or will work in.

Saddle Pads. I just want more because... well, there are colors!! And I love colors...  :-)

Saddle. Yes, I have a new and awesome saddle, but if we're dreaming, I might as well!
Oglivy. This won't happen unless I truthfully have extra money laying around, but I want a half pad SO badly now after reading about them....

Fancy Leather Halter. Because it would be so fun to take pictures with and look so pretty on Lady. I do need to find an Arab halter for her though...
Fleece Cooler. Because they look so professional and fancy, not because I need one at all!
Training Surcingle. I can think of far too many things I could do with this.
Bridle!  Because there is no such thing as too many, and I don't like the buckles on my current one.
Jumps! In no way anything I'm getting because Lady doesn't jump, but I want to jump!
Tack Trunk! No explanation...
Flatwork Wraps! I like feeling as though I'm supporting Lady's legs and giving some sort of protection.

That was way too much fun! :)