Thursday, July 24, 2014

One Step at a Time

So far, I've kept on top of Lady's exercise this week. She did not get her bath on Tuesday like I had planned and she does need it, but I will do that tomorrow or Saturday. Hopefully.
Handwalking does not give anything much exciting to talk about, but we have done three days worth of that for at least 30 minutes at a time.
On Monday, I rode for at least half an hour. I gave Lady permission to go wherever she wanted (provided she didn't scrape me against fences or under trees) but she had to continue moving. I can deal with the forward horse. I have more trouble dealing with the one who stops all the time. Not that Lady isn't forward... you can try riding her on a trail ride if you think that is the case. Ha!

I still have an irritating sinus infection that just won't let me get "well" again, and it makes it hard to breathe while doing a lot of stuff.
Besides that, I am sadly having trouble with saddle fit again. Lady's back muscles have changed lately and it is making her back sore.  Sad day since it is going to be very hard to replace what I have.
I'll be riding again tomorrow and seeing what I can do in way of adjustment to get it to fit better.

These eyes keep me going.  <3

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