Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Goal Review

July was actually not a very exciting month, and by the looks of my goals list, not a very productive one either. Whoops.
I was really motivated the first week, and then gave Lady a week off while I prepared for Worlds-taekwondo-stuff, and then got sick and gave Lady almost another full week off, and then started work, and never really got all the way better, and then my dear grandmother got sick and everything that wasn't absolutely pressing went out the window. July feels like it has lasted forever and a day, and yet not a whole lot of exciting things happened.

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Horse-Related Goals:

  • Set up a health records system.  Yes, and a training one as well.
  • Film 1 sesson.  No.
  • Keep Lady happy and sound with proper management, supplements, and exercise.  Yes, other than the saddle fit thing going on right now.
  • Work on getting and keeping a calm trot.  Not enough riding happened, so no.
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Riding Goals:
  • Neither of these got done because I only rode maybe 4-5 times and at least half of those were bareback/bridleless rides in the pasture just to hang out.
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Personal Goals:
  • Blogs:
    • Outline 4 posts for writer's blog.  No, I set up a different plan instead.
    • Update 3x per week on this one.  I averaged 2.75 posts per week. Close enough! :-)
  • Sketch cover ideas for Rebellion (my novel).  No... it kept getting pushed back on my to-do list. Sigh... I really do need to get onto this publishing plan in earnest.
  • Schedule a lesson with my piano teacher.  We are still working out a day/time, but yes, this is done.
  • Win July Camp NanoWrimo.  As of this posting, I am still working on this goal, but with less than 2000 words, this is almost certainly happening!
  • Make an A in geology class.  The class isn't over, but I should be able to make this work.
  • Taekwondo: World Expo: Stay positive the entire time.  I only got grumpy on the way home, but it was late and I was sick. Did good the rest of the time though, I think.
  • Admit mistakes calmly.  I believe I did better on this, need to check with a few people though.
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August should go much more smoothly, but we'll see. Hope everyone else had a terrific month of July!!  :D

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