Sunday, July 6, 2014

Taking a Breath

I've been silent for a few days again.  Ooops.

This month has already been here for almost a week. I've enjoyed family time, fireworks, too much food, not enough sleep, and definitely not enough writing to keep up with Camp NanoWrimo. I am almost 2000 words behind on that.  Oooops again.  :-(

I've had two (three?) rides so far this month. Actually had a fairly decent one playing with going off the property without throwing a fit which turned out okay. Had another on the 4th - just playing with some basic yields and having her listen to me instead of having tantrums just because The Pony was having them.
The other ride was just random. I went to hang out in the pasture and ended up hopping on bareback and bridle-less. Turned into the best ride ever. I had my dressage whip to use if she decided to get out of hand, but mostly just kept her moving without worrying about gait or direction. I got lots of sitting trot practice (ouch.... I was SO sore) and two of the most beautiful canter sets ever. Loved it.  :)

There hasn't been any work in the arena in over a week. Part of this is because the ponies are currently living up there for the grass and Lady thoroughly dislikes working in the place she lives. Strange pony.  O.o

And now... we are taking a break. I've decided to give both Lady and me the week off. Physically and mentally I think she needs it. And I want the chance to step back and re-assess the bigger picture. I'll probably elaborate on both of those reasons during this week. I plan to do a lot of hand-walking and grooming and pampering and dressing up and pretty pictures and so forth.
And of course, there is a certain huge taekwondo competition next weekend. Can't forget that. Must. Practice.

Grumpy pony after being hosed down. :-)

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