Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kind of an Update...

I would love to write a whole blog post about everything I've done with Lady this week! That would be so much fun and I would (hopefully) have lots of pictures, and exciting news!

But I don't. Frustratingly enough, I have still been sick and while it doesn't feel that bad exactly, I keep falling back again every time I go to exert energy.

So... um.

Lady did not get a workout this week.
Which means she has gotten two weeks off instead of one.
Definitely not my plan.

Good news! She does seem to be feeling better from the time off and even though she has put on a bit more weight again (got to get that off before it affects her joints) her energy level has soared and she is starting to look bored out in the pasture.
I did get her out once this week and handwalked her for a while. We both thoroughly enjoyed that... She absolutely LOVES handwalking sessions, and I have a lot of fun when she acts like a "hot Arab" because it makes me laugh.
Despite being sick, I do plan to have her worked this week. I'm thinking about convincing someone else to do it for me until I'm well, but if all else fails, I will manage. It needs to be done. And I haven't even touched my riding goals for this month yet.  :-(

The schedule I want to put her through this week will hopefully be as follows...
Sunday (Today) - Handwalk for at least 30 minutes.
Monday - Light ride. Lots of walking with a few trotting bits.
Tuesday - Groundwork/Lunging, plus she needs a bath!
Wednesday - Walking and Grazing in hand. (Technically, off.)
Thursday - Same as Wednesday
Friday - Dressage work (transitions plus test), and a gallop if she is up to it.
Saturday - Light ride. Lots and lots of walking. Slow, easy conditioning.

Picture of the girl from our walk. That neck. o.O