Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Staying Alive

Yup. I went an entire week without writing anything about my horses. Bad me.

Anyways, the best news is that the fence is now (hopefully) fixed!!  We added another strand of wire on one side and changed the spacing on the other side and so far The Pony has not escaped again. She was getting out 2 or 3 times every day, and that is not exactly a good thing, particularly when my family is attempting to grow three gardens and I am the only person who can catch the little pinto right now. So, I am super happy that we fixed that problem and don't have to worry about that anymore.  :)  Rotten pony.....

The worst news is that I had not been out into the pasture for over a week... at least, not looking at it, and I realized that my poor horsies have basically grazed the entire area down. It's brown and dry and weedy and just doesn't look too good. I feel terrible for not noticing this sooner. No wonder they were trying to get out. Anyways, new plan consists of putting them into the front pasture, which has been growing for 2-3 months now, but only for night, and giving them hay on the dry pasture during the day. Hopefully this will keep their weight stable and make them happier!

No, I did not do a whole lot with Lady over the weekend. Again.
Last Wednesday, we had a nice bareback ride and I was pleasantly surprised that she was willing to hack out as far as we did. She still got uptight and a little bracey, but nothing compared to what we have been through recently. So I was very happy about that.  :)

The most adorable face ever <3

Yesterday, I rode bareback again.... only because I am super lazy and don't like to drag ALL the tack out. Well, also because ALL the tack needs cleaning really badly. Yeah...

Today, I brought The Pony out. She has gotten ever so much better at being caught so now we're working on basic manners and skills. She tries really hard to understand and do the right thing and usually I'm patient and soft enough with her that we make progress. She is extremely nosey and mouthey and that very easily translates into nipping. Today, I worked on being able to touch her in different areas, which didn't end up working too well because she wanted her nose in everything instead of just standing still. Like a little kid who can't sit still.
She has done groundwork before, and knows how to be sent through gates and move away from rhythmic pressure, but she has a hard time relaxing. I decided that instead of going back to what she used to do, we are going to work on relaxation and really solidify her ground manners before moving on. I'll talk some more about that tomorrow.  :)


  1. It's so hard to get them relaxed sometimes! Sounds like you are on the right track though. :-)

    1. Thank you! She has had a lot of issues, but is more grown up now, so is working easier now. :)