Monday, June 23, 2014

Blog Hop + Riding Out

Today, from the awesome Viva Carlos, we have this thought-provoking blog hop...

Other than money, what would make your horse life simpler?

This is actually a difficult question for me... I don't have money, but I do have my two horses in my back yard. I have a lovely fenced in area to work in, a pretty good set of tack, etc. Everything should be set up for success and be as simple as ever. Right? Not so much...
Probably, right now, my horse life would be simpler if my health were better. Not that it is so bad right now, but I have some leftover mental attitudes from the past 2 years of being sick on and off so many times I'll skip working with the horses because I just "don't feel too great."
So... yeah. Being not sick would make everything a lot simpler.  :)

In other news, on Saturday, Lady and I rode off the property. If you've been reading along for any length of time, you probably know that we have major issues with this. Lady is quite barn-sweet, and The Pony goes a little berserk when her companion goes out of sight. We've never really had issues that I couldn't ride through, but it has been a little uncontrollable at times.
I'm still hesitant to say too much, in case it was a fluke and we have a major meltdown the next time, but overall, the entire ride felt like a huge success.
We went up and down the driveway and then went a very good ways past on one side down the road. There was a lot of tall grass, which she doesn't like due to the insane amount of grasshoppers we have living here. Because of that, we had a little argument about whether we were walking in the grass or on the highway. Obviously, I pressed home the fact that we were NOT walking on the highway. I was just so glad that she was not spinning around and trying to go home.
Beside our property is a huge grassy field across from which is a smaller road that I would love to ride on regularly. This time, unlike any time in the past several years, we marched off into the great unknown. She even sped up and we trotted a short distance. Away. From. Home. I was a little shocked, and very pleased.

I did think ahead a little bit and managed to find a pretty good place where we were both quiet and fairly relaxed to stop. She was still looking forward and probably would have gone further if I had asked, but I decided to turn around instead and make the entire ride a success instead of pushing the limit. She was really good on the way back too and only got a little headstrong once we were actually within sight of The Pony again and all that.

*fingers crossed* hopefully it was actually a result of training and confidence! :)

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