Friday, June 13, 2014

Being Gentle

We've had lots of rain again this week, so I've eased up on working the ponies because I'm always worried about slipping in the mud. Maybe a needless fear, but one I harbor anyways. Probably due to Lady's many sore backs over the last few years.

Today I did a lot of chores and ended up with very little time to work with the horses, but I got Lady out and worked on some groundwork basics. She wasn't feeling too good, so the time ended up turning into me rubbing on her and being very gentle.

To explain, Lady gets sore fairly often, although not as often or prolonged as it was a few years back. Her neck has issues mostly and it will affect her hips and gait. If I don't take care of it, her back and hips will get pretty bad, so I took care of the little bit of tightness she did have there and then rubbed on her neck and face. The poor girl gets headaches and likes hugs and, hardest for me, gentle, firm hands.

I don't know why I find it difficult to get that balance between firm and soft, but it is. Usually its because I'm not thinking in the moment, but rather about what I want from the workout, or whatever... something except  being in the present which is where one needs to be to deal properly with a horse.

No matter what, this little mare teaches me new things every day. :)

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