Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Goals

Personal Goals

  • Give Rebellion (my novel) to at least 2 people for opinions. 
  • Piano.
    • Play Hanon exercises #1-3 every morning (finger strengthening).
    • Re-memorize/Polish the Invention No. 6 in E Major, by Bach.
    • Re-memorize/Polish the Invention No. 14 in B-flat Major, by Bach.
    • Re-memorize/Polish Movement 1 (Allegro) from Opus 13, No 2, a Sonata by Beethoven.
  • Write and post 4 blog posts (writer's blog, not this one).
  • Enter a writing contest.
  • Read 3 books (I have three picked out, but two will have to be ordered at the library).
  • Diet. No corn, and no corn by-products if possible. Limit wheat/gluten and meats to once a day and sugar (any form) to 1-3x per day.

Horse-Related Goals
  • Trim Lady's feet at least twice.
  • Cover all Level 2 Liberty and Level 3 OnLine tasks (Parelli).
  • Film 1 session.
  • Ride (or lead) out off the property sometime during each session.
  • Learn USDF Intro test A.
  • Go into the canter in every ride, even if just for a stride or two.
  • Progress to being able to trot for 5 minutes straight (riding).

Last month I had 8 personal goals and 10 horse ones. This month I have 7 of each, and they all feel like a logical progression from what I have been doing. Hopefully I can, for once, finish all of them and feel super accomplished. Of course, I didn't include taekwondo on my personal list and I'm going to have to use June to prepare for Worlds in the beginning of July, but if I continue going to class and practicing the way I have been, then I'll be fine.

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