Saturday, May 31, 2014

Goal Review for May 2014

Personal Goals:

  • Study through the book of Hebrews.  This went mostly okay. I didn't finish, but I tried.
  • Post 2 blog posts (other writing blog).  Got one posted and the other outlined.
  • Keep to a workout routine.  Yup, for the most part. Health still bothering me some though.
  • Proofread my novel and hand it off to someone else. Proofread, yes. Hand off, not yet.
  • Read The Horse Riding Manual, After Diana, and The Garden of Eden.  Yes, plus about four other shorter novels.
  • Play the violin again. Uhh.... I got it out and never tuned it, so no.
  • Practice the piano 3x per week for at least 30 minutes each time.  I play every day, just don't practice. Also, I want to re-polish and memorize at least two pieces (from the following).  Done.

    • Movement 3 (Allegro con brio) from Sonatina #3 by Denes Agay. Mostly done.
    • Waltz in A-flat Major (Opus 69, No. 1) by Frederic Chopin. Needs a bit more work, but yes.
    • Important Event (Opus 15, No. 6) by Robert Schumann. Completed again.
  • Taekwondo.
    • Memorize the complete purple belt form.  Done, and done! :)
    • Put together a sword form.  No, but I got a lot of cool tips in class this morning!

Equestrian Goals:
  • Film. <sad face> still didn't happen. Pretty upset at myself about it.
  • Get The Pony comfortable with being touched and caught. Yes! See my post from Wednesday...
  • Trot every time I ride.  Yes, this did happen! I didn't get help with it, but it got SO much better.
  • Really get the trot change of direction and general transitions (in-hand).  Change of direction is better, but not completely solid. Transitions are beautiful now though!
  • Lead by a hind leg. Done :)
  • Play with tarps.   No....
  • Start riding comfortably around the driveway. Going much better. :)
  • Work on leg aids.  This one is definitely improved. Happy!
  • Set up my arena and make jumps.  Another no, sadly.
  • Have a Spring photo shoot.  This one didn't happen because I never had a chance to get help.

Overall, it was a fairly successful month. More successful than I thought until I wrote this post out. Tomorrow I'll have goals for June...

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