Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blog Hop: Let's Have a Baby!!

I love this blog hop from Viva Carlos! Way too much imagination involved.....

If you were so inclined to breed your horse (1. let's not get into the issues of backyard breeding, and 2.  let's pretend your horse is a mare if its not) then WHO would you breed to and why?

My horse is a mare, so I have most certainly thought about the possibility of breeding before and would very much love to have a foal from her. That being said, this post will be purely an indulgence of my dreams, and I made the decision quite some time ago that Lady will not be bred again (she did have a colt before I bought her).

In breeding Lady, I would really like to improve on her hind end and back especially. I also have a very soft spot in my heart for Arabians. I couldn't pick one and so here are my two choices.

1)  Tuxedo Thyme ABA +++/
He is black, and Arabian, and has lovely movement.
He is a champion Sport Horse and FEI Dressage winner.

He has power behind and his foals do too, so I really think he would be a good match for Lady.

For my second choice, I would leave the Arabian side and go to bigger horses.

2)  Mintse 384 Sport

Friesian/Arab cross - yes, yes, yes! :)  He is mostly on the dressage side, but if I could do dressage with one of this horse's offspring, I would do it all day long....

Power, looks and hair! Love him :)


  1. We have a friesian arab at my barn Max who is an absolute doll.

  2. Oh my goodness you are a girl after my own heart! I actually have a Friesian/Arabian cross if you want to check him out on my blog. He just turned five years old and I've had him (and been blogging about him) since he was five months old. He's a really awesome horse!!

    Sorry, didn't mean to brag, but thought I would offer if you wanted to see a million pictures of the cross you would like to have. :) I love both of your stallion choices (black is my favorite color too). I have a friend who just had a purebred Friesian foal born by Mintse this year. I posted pictures I took of him when he was three days old here He has the longest legs I think I've ever seen on a baby. So gorgeous!

    I'm gad you joined the blog hop or I probably never would have found your blog! I'll be following your blog now. :D

  3. I just love that Friesian/Arab cross... probably my favorite dream :)

    Thanks achieve1dream! I'll be following you back ;)