Thursday, May 1, 2014

April's Goal Review

April 2014 Goals - Horse Related

  • Film 1 riding session.  Didn't happen. Was supposed to over one weekend when I had help, but got sick instead. :(
  • Practice riding the trot with help.  Did not happen for the same reasons as above.  :'(
  • Take The Pony out 4 times.  Not 4 times, but it did happen twice. She is no longer wearing a halter in the pasture and is doing so much better!
  • Complete a set of Online Level 3 tasks.
    • Work with a flag.  We worked on this twice and made some progress. Lady is still tense about it, but not scared.
    • Lead by one ear and backwards by a hind leg.  We did some leading backwards by the tail which went well, and played with the ear. Got her comfortable with the idea.
    • Back up and draw on a 22 and 45 foot rope. We never touched the 45 foot rope, but did work on the 22-foot. Got a little bit better.
    • Solid transitions and trot change of direction on the circle.  The change of direction has gotten better in one direction and not the other. Transitions are 10x better!! 
    • Move sideways from Zone 1 (in front). Gotten lots better. Still have to "hold her hand".
    • Play with tarps.  Nope. Never actually went to look for a tarp.
  • Separate the medium and free walk.  Not exactly, but we started to get some difference.

April 2014 Goals - Personal
  • Start a workout routine. Can't say this became a routine yet, but definitely started working out.
  • Go to Wednesday  night church.  Went twice out of five times. :P
  • Win Camp NanoWrimo with 30,000 words.  YES!!!  Finished and Won! :D
  • Record a video for my blog.  A little late, but doing that this morning.
  • Read four novels.  Finished two and a half. 
  • Practice piano 3x a week.  I didn't exactly practice, but have made a point to play every day.
  • Learn 2 new songs on the violin.  Bad me never picked up the violin.

Finals are next week and then I won't have school to worry about, so May goals should be happening much easier! :)

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