Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Blog Hop - Do Over

Yet another wonderful blog hop from Viva Carlos!

Loved the quote she shared in a recent post, really went along well with the subject: "The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was." - Walt West

If you could have 1 do-over in your horse life, what would it be? (or you can list a handful of do-overs because I (she) totally did).

This one is actually kind of hard for me, at first. I don't have anything that really pops into my head when I first read the question. But here are a few that I thought of....

  • Firefly. I wish I had known more or tried to learn more while owning my first horse. She was a senior horse and needed senior care, but I did not know how to give it. It may not have changed much, but I always believe in hindsight that I could have helped her have a happier, fuller life for another few years. If only I had known better.
  • First contact when I received my two yearlings (now 8 year olds). I should have been more careful and gentle with how I handled their first experiences. Both are still well and happy, but I do wonder sometimes...
  • Caring for my current horse. I did not keep all of Lady's care to a 'natural' way during the first few years of our partnership. I'm quite sure I could have caught some of her issues earlier on and treated them better if I had been watching out more carefully. I also pushed her pretty hard those first few years. 

Piece of trivia:  When I bought Lady, I had been searching for a horse for about 9 months. We looked at lots of horses, but Lady was the one that my instructor said was not for me. I bought her anyways. Never regretted it! :)

Fun link - found this through Facebook!  TROXEL - Reasons to Wear a Helmet