Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm Not Too Busy for Horses

I didn't update for several days because... well... because I haven't done anything and didn't feel like writing about nothing.  :(  Yes, I'm ashamed... I have not ridden my horse since last Sunday, and I've only done a few short ground sessions, more for her fitness than anything else.
The bad news is that my schedule just got crazier. School production next weekend with nightly rehearsals leading up to it, taekwondo tournament the day after said production, and then I start at a new job immediately after all that is over. I'm going to have to figure things out around this job anyways because I'll be working evenings, and I usually spend my evenings with the horses. So.... yup, this might be interesting.

Busy-ness?  I'm outta here.....

I still want to attempt and get all my goals complete for April (and still move on towards my Spring ones), its just going to be harder than I thought to get it all done. Right now, I still have time in the mornings for a short session, but not a ride. I get out of my regular classes by 12:30 on Monday and Wednesday, so I hope to saddle up those two days if at all possible, and then Friday of course. This means I can't be lazy. I have to get up, gather the gear, and get out there.
That being said, even though I've neglected the horses this past week, I haven't done too shabby on my other ones. Other than the past two days, I got 1000 words written every day towards my goal of 30k this month. Because of this production at school, I'm practicing piano every day, so that should hopefully carry over after the show is over. And, I have been doing some workout in the morning (it helps that I'll be going to a tournament next week) so big step forward there!

Blog Challenge, Day 11  -  What is in your grooming bucket, and what is your routine?
Sadly, I don't have a picture of my own grooming bucket.  :(  But, I'll tell you about it.

In my "collection", which currently needs replacing (I'll be doing it as soon as I can....

  • Rubber curry comb. I use this ALL THE TIME.
  • Stiff bristled brush.
  • 2 Medium bristled brushes. 
  • Soft brush.
  • 3 hoof picks. And I need another one, I'm always losing them.
  • Mane comb. Not technically a pulling comb, but that's my use for it. That and insane tails.
  • Shedding blade. Awesome for this time of year, but I use it also for dried mud.
  • Face brush.
  • Slick 'N Easy grooming block.
  • Fly spray.
  • Bot knife.
  • 2 hoof knives.
  • Farrier rasp and nippers.

I don't technically have a routine right now, as I tend not to groom every day. Lady started shedding, so I was going to put in the elbow grease to help her, and then it got super cold again, so I let it go.
Usually, I start off with just the rubber curry comb, unless she has lots of muddy spots (love pasture-kept horses....) and then I get the metal one (shedding blade) out. I curry her super well, since it also serves as a workout for me! 
After that, I use the medium brush (my stiff one is dirty beyond belief right now) to get all that dirt and dust off of her and onto me, naturally. If I'm feeling really nice, I'll get the soft brush out and smooth her out. Not during shedding season though! Her hooves get picked out almost daily, and her legs get cleaned with the stiff brush, especially if I'll be putting boots on. 
I try to groom all over every few days, so that I can catch anything going wrong. But they live out on pasture 24/7 and deep-cleaning doesn't happen. Please don't tell me about stalls and clean horses, and all that stuff. I'm already impatient to go off to college so I can have a fancy barn for my horse!

Not really. It is a huge blessing to have my horses in my backyard, under my personal care ALL the time, and I will miss that more than I realize. But I have a list of perks that I am looking forward to immensely in West Texas.

What are your favorite grooming tools? I really do want to replace/replenish my kit sometime soon, so I'm looking for suggestions and ideas.  :)

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