Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bad and Good

Really, really wanted to see improvement today, but it seems that is not going to happen quite yet.

Lady is still sore. And now I know for sure its not just my mind playing tricks, or a little stiffness. She was clearly sore on both front feet and very reluctant to walk. Yesterday she was still willing to do a little trot and even a tiny bit of canter. Today she could not even trot a full stride.  :(

Pretty horsie. How I love her.....

I got in touch with my old barefoot trimmer, but she won't make it out until Friday, which leaves me with another four days. Hopefully she's not hurting that long though.

My research isn't pulling much up either. Since she does not seem to have any shoulder issues going on, I really think its her hooves. She keeps shifting her weight back and forth (besides stomping flies) and picking up her feet alternately, but so far I have found no heat or high pulses, which doesn't follow the usual pattern of laminitis/founder. I'm a bit stumped, but I cut off their access to the lushes part of the pasture and I think I'll pull Lady out to the front pasture again where there is less grass.

One bit of good news that I am quite pleased about. It has been two and a half weeks since I put the horses out on the smaller pasture with the pond and all the hills. I noticed this last week that even though they have both put on weight from the grass, Lady has already built a really nice lot of muscle along her back and hindquarters. Very happy about this!  :)

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