Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2014 Goals

Internet photo. Didn't take it myself <sad face>

I'm entering May with a lot of hopes and dreams, and yet with a bit of a heavy heart. It feels like it has been years since I heard a piece of good news. Therefore, even though I have a lengthy list of goals for the month, I have been hesitating to post it because of that piece of fear inside me that says I can't do it. I have been thinking a lot about what my priorities really are because there are so many things that I love working on. With finals next week to mark the end of the semester, maybe I'll have more time, but I still need to search for work to support all my various hobbies.
Enough rambling. Here is my list.

Personal Goals:

  • Study through the book of Hebrews.
  • Post 2 blog posts (other blog - the writing one!)
  • Keep to the workout routine I set up in April.
  • Proofread Rebellion (my novel)  for the final time and pass it off to someone else for revision - scary!
  • Reading:
    • finish reading There's an Owl in The Shower - actually finished this today before writing this :)
    • finish studying through The Horse Riding Manual
    • After Diana (biographical novel about the Royal Family of England)
    • The Garden of Eden (by Hemingway)
  • Play the violin again. I have two short duets that I would like to work on.
  • Practice the piano 3x per week for at least 30 minutes each time.  I play every day, just don't practice. Also, I want to re-polish and memorize at least two pieces (from the following.
    • Movement 3 (Allegro con brio) from Sonatina #3 by Denes Agay
    • Waltz in A-flat Major (Opus 69, No. 1) by Frederic Chopin
    • Important Event (Opus 15, No. 6) by Robert Schumann
  • Taekwondo
    • Memorize the complete purple belt form.
    • Put together a sword form for the World Expo (needs to be done by mid-June).

Horse-Related Goals:
  • Film (at last!) I want one video of a groundwork session and 1 of a riding session.
  • Get The Pony comfortable with being caught.
  • Trot every time I ride. Get some assistance so it becomes more comfortable.
  • Really nail down our trot change of direction and all transitions (groundwork).
  • Lead by a hind leg (follow a feel practice).
  • Play with tarps.
  • Start riding comfortably past our driveway and off the property.
  • Work on leg aids - my timing and her responsiveness.
  • Set up my arena and make jumps for it.
  • Have a Spring photo shoot with my horses :)

My lists feel very long... :(  In a way I feel like I ought to cut some things out to make it easier on myself, but so many of the things would be so simple if I really focused on getting things done.

On another note - tomorrow is Kentucky Derby day!  Who watches the race? :)

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