Thursday, May 29, 2014

Update on the Pony

One of my goals for the month of May was to get The Pony (aka Tempest) more comfortable with  being touched and caught. 

To give a little background, Tempest has had some previous work and came close to being started, but then was put out to pasture again and has reverted back to some wild horse habits, mainly being hard to touch and even harder to catch.

With lots of slow and persistent work, we've progressed to being able to feed treats in the pasture without her running away and now I can most often greet her and give her a scratching whenever I come out to catch Lady. Even more lately, I started getting her to sniff the ropes before I haltered Lady and she has gotten extremely better.

Old picture, but a good one.

Early this morning, she managed to escape from the pasture and usually that means I have to use food or other "undesirable" means to get her back in. Today, I got some hay cubes and a halter and caught her in five minutes. Quite surprising, actually....

I had extra time this evening, so I decided to bring both horses out to graze for a little. Lady got to go loose, but I caught The Pony again and brought her out. She was quite the good girl and even got to get off the lead for a while. She wasn't so thrilled about being caught again to go back in for the night, but when she realized I would leave her out and serve dinner without her, she cooperated again pretty quick. 

Quite proud of the little pony.  :)

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