Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rain!! + Blog Hop: Right Here, Right Now

This week, Viva Carlos asked "What are you currently working on in your rides or lessons?"

I have not been taking lessons, at least not from a specific trainer. I've just been studying on my own, which isn't always the best route, but its the most I can afford at the moment.

So, ummm... I am currently working on keeping my horse sound. It's been over a week since I actually rode. But besides that, we are working on rhythm, relaxation, and responsiveness, and being consistent in those three areas.

We were working on this without much structure, but because of the lame horse this week, I've done some more reading and contemplating and I've realized that I need to allow and encourage more forward motion. I think that big school movements will be good for both Lady and for me. She has not been very forward lately, and I know that my position and unconfidence don't help that.

I'm really happy to say that Lady seems to be doing much better. The girls are still separated to keep the horse off of grass, so there is some tension, but it is nicer to see Lady trotting back and forth along the fence instead of standing in one spot and sweating with anxiety, but not willing to move a foot.

The trimmer will be out tomorrow at noon and hopefully we can find some answer to this puzzle and some way to keep it in check without making my poor horse too unhappy.

In other news, it has rained ALL DAY here today! Some areas nearby have been reporting up to 5 inches of rain! It feels SO good! :D

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