Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I'm a bit wary of saying this, but I think Lady is doing somewhat better today.

<checks to make sure nothing bad happened....>

I'm quite certain she was doing better today. :)  Definitely not right yet, but better. She has been a bit awkward with her hind legs over the last 36ish hours, but not really lame or sore on them. I can't seem to figure out which front leg is actually bothering her the most (maybe its both. sigh.) but she looks a lot more normal at the walk.
I was most impressed that she was able to trot again. She was visibly lame at the trot, but actually doing it is already improvement! Still anxiously waiting for the trimmer to come and give me her opinion on Friday. There hasn't been any heat or swelling or funky stuff like that, so I'm really not sure what is wrong.

Cute picture of the Lady-girl. :)

She is still being kept off of grass as much as possible and I'm checking/cleaning her hooves 3+ times per day, or as often as I can. Since I only have evening plans for tomorrow, I want to spend extra time with both the ponies - something I neglect to do far too often.

Personal Life Good News - I completed the last of my finals today and am done with the spring semester! I have one summer course which starts in July, and then the fall semester before I graduate in December. :)

Other Exciting Thing - Over the last two days, I have mowed the entire front "arena" so that I can begin to turn it into a workable area. I plan to put several obstacles and jumps in. Hopefully, I can get it completed soon and keep it maintained.

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