Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Last Week of January!!


  • Comanche:  Got started with the baby and we had a pretty good time. He is pretty easy to catch, but doesn't really care for it... so we had some conversations about that and he started getting better. Also worked on his leading, which is getting better, and picking up his feet. He picks them up but doesn't offer to keep them up. :)

  • Lady:  Couldn't do as much work as I had originally planned because of work and driving family members, but we still had a good 40 minute ride. We worked on things from our lesson, had a discussion about focusing on me instead of Comanche, and had a pretty good canter/hand gallop around the arena. Fun!
  • Comanche:  Tried to continue with the same things as Monday, but got stuck on the catching/respect part. Had some improvement with turning to face me when asked and having a pleasant expression.

  • Lady:  I didn't ride but my friend R did and Lady got a pretty good workout. 
  • Tempest:  I didn't officially work with The Pony, but I did mess around with her in the pasture and she did quite well. I was pleased with how well she did!
R riding Lady

R riding Lady

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