Saturday, March 28, 2015

Being Home

Yes, I am home! :)  We flew in Wednesday evening and I was in my own bed by midnight the same night.
My adorable wiggleworm of a dog was so happy to see me that he nearly burst. I was seriously afraid he might actually do it. o.O

The jet lag is miserable this time around, considering I hopped six hours back in time. So I'm waking up between 6 and 7 in the morning, feeling starved for lunch by 10 in the morning, and falling asleep out of exhaustion by 5 or 6 in the evening because.... I don't know... my brain is convinced its midnight?  Ugh.

All my horses are doing just fine.  I'll have more on Lady and my various concerns about her later, but I've been told she was a very good girl that was able to control her spring energy while being ridden.  (My friend R from Days in the Life exercised Lady while I was gone.
The Tempest-Pony was also super-good, allowed herself to be caught several times and moved between pastures, and seems to have been quite good mannered.

Lady was my favorite to hug and kiss upon returning home, but there was a certain other horse that I was also very very excited about seeing again.

Remember this boy?
Who, me?
The change from winter to spring has been very good on Comanche, and he actually looks like a horse now instead of a gangly baby!  I was actually very surprised by how much he grew.

I'm pretty excited about working with three awesome horses this spring!!

Provided the rain holds off, that is.

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