Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monthly Goals - February/March 2016 Edition

January seems like it was so very long ago, and yet on the other hand, it felt like I didn't get anything done in February because it disappeared before I knew what happened. There were quite a few things that I did get done (namely finishing my best friend's wedding dress) and figuring out how to manage my time better.
I'm going to go back to a more traditional goals list for this month. Therefore.... 

March 2016 Goals
1.       Get up at 6:30 every morning again.
2.       Work out in some form every day.
3.       Continue using my current action plan to fight off the infection and no longer be sick.
4.       Enjoy the wedding planning, travelling and craziness to some extent! 
5.       There is no extra money this month, so don't pretend like it isn't the case.
6.       Horse show!!
7.       Finish reading a book. Finally.
8.       Write 500 words of fiction every day.

Shouldn't be too hard, right?  Haha... much easier said than done!

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